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Despite sophisticated processes and systems, over 90% of new products and services fail in the marketplace.

Be sure you are in the 10% that SUCCEED, by using
Steve Kaye New Products Inc.

Steve KayeSteve Kaye New Products, is a Marketing Consulting firm offering a complete, one-stop-shopping New Product Development service. We specialize in creating and branding new products/services, restaging existing brands and optimizing their positioning. We have in-depth experience in over 100 consumer product categories (we were founded 1977) and our passion for new ideas has made us one of the most successful new product consulting companies in the country.

Success Stories Include: FUDGE COVERED OREOS, HUGGIES, MILK MUSTACHE PROGRAM, POPPYCOCK, MIKE'S HARD LEMONADE, MAXWELL HOUSE LITE... and over 150 items currently on retail shelves.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and smaller firms who want Big Ideas or need to solve very tough new product problems ...thoroughly and quickly (at Warp Speed) and get to market fast, before the competition.

Contact Steve now at 203-227-7633(Office) 203-247-3061(Cell) or to discuss your project.

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You need Stevve Kaye New Products!
star Weve Worked On Your Business
  (100+ Product Categories)
star We Really Know Consumers
  (4500+ Focus Groups)
star We Understand The 90% Failure Rate
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star Development Without A Pro Is Extremely Risky
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star Experience/Success Since 1977
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V.P., Innovation, Ubiquity Brands

"Thanks to great insights Steve draws from Focus Groups, plus his hands on experience, we have developed innovation strategies and 12 new products for Lincoln/Jays in a year and a half. They were well received because they fill consumer needs and are proven before we go to market. Steve Kaye New Products is our Innovation Agency and I would highly recommend them to everyone serious about new product success."