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Did You Know?
Despite sophisticated processes and systems, over 90% of new products and services fail in the marketplace.

Be sure you are in the 10% that SUCCEED, by using
Steve Kaye New Products Inc.

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Vast Experience

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Steve Kaye, An Oxymoron...A Creative P&G Guy!

Steve has over 40 years experience in new products ...including classic marketing at Procter & Gamble, combined with creative work at Ad Agencies, Consulting Firms and STEVE KAYE NEW PRODUCTS, INC.

All New Product Development Resources In-House

Unlike most new product consultants, we have all the resources necessary to create, develop, optimize and execute new products in-house, in Westport.
  • Focus Groups
  • Social Media and Search Engine Optimization
  • Complete Digital Art Studio
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Technical

One Stop Shopping Means Nobody's Faster!

Having these capabilities under one roof gives clients "one stop shopping" and lets us develop and execute unique, competitive new products and restaging programs in weeks ...and at a fraction of the cost of traditional new product programs.

Reasonable Prices!

Since we are so efficient, our overheads are lower than other consultants.