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Warp Speed

Did You Know?
Despite sophisticated processes and systems, over 90% of new products and services fail in the marketplace.

Be sure you are in the 10% that SUCCEED, by using
Steve Kaye New Products Inc.


Principal Services

Steve Kaye Innovative Packaging
  1. New Product Development.
    1. Optimize Positioning of Client New Product Concepts
    2. Create Totally New Products Using Client Equity
    3. Develop Line Extensions that Fit Strategically
    4. Set Up Process To Produce Continuous Flow of Ideas
    5. Outsource R&D
    All projects use our "Warp Speed Development™" concept/focus group process.
  2. Branding. We develop Consumer Positioning, Branding, Trademarks and Brand Architecture.
  3. Restage Existing Brands and Categories in Trouble. We uncover key brand equity benefits, optimize their positioning and presentation to the consumer.
  4. Idea Generation. We create hundreds of new product ideas using our proprietary "Visualideation™" process plus a variety of group, individual and computer techniques.
  5. Creative Focus Groups. Steve conducts all groups himself, and has moderated over 4500 focus groups to date. He pioneered groups at Gillette and conducted Stew Leonards first group. He also teaches focus groups at Sacred Heart University, where he is a Professor of Marketing.
  6. Innovative Packaging. We create unique physical packaging, produce fully decorated prototypes for testing and trade presentations, and will design graphics and logos as part of most projects. We also write package copy based on the consumer insights learned in the groups.
  7. Commercialize Technology. Not many marketing consultants really understand technology. Steve is a graduate of M.I.T., managed an R&D company (Cambridge Research), and consulted for Biotech, Telecom and Pharmaceutical clients. Science based assignments we worked on include:
    • Aseptic Packaging
    • Biotechnology
    • Telecommunications
    • Microwave Ovens
    • Marine Electronics
    • Laser Surgery Technology
    • Low Carbohydrate Snacks
    • Artificial Sweeteners
    • Diet Aids
    • Disposable Diapers
    • Disposable Plates and Food Containers
    • Nutraceutical Beverages
    • Soy Milk
    • Telephones
    • Home Security Systems
    • Energy/Nutrition Bars
    • Vitamins
  8. Acquisition Due Diligence. We work for investment bankers when they are investigating potential acquisitions. By doing focus groups among users of the candidates products, we provide unique insights on the viability of the product line and brands. We also create new products, develop branding and develop a plan for quickly hitting the ground running after the acquisition is completed.