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Did You Know?
Despite sophisticated processes and systems, over 90% of new products and services fail in the marketplace.

Be sure you are in the 10% that SUCCEED, by using
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arrow Over 90% of New Products Fail - A Tragedy
Most companies have a new product "process" that involves a "system" for generating ideas and methodology to test and refine them. Typical consumer products and services can take years to develop and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Technical products can take much longer.

Despite these processes and systems, most new products and services fail in the marketplace. Historically, over 90% of new products fail. This is a miserable batting average, which we find unacceptable. It's a tragedy and it means that the traditional new product process is really broken. It's slow, costly and produces mediocre products that fail. Big companies continue to repeat fundamental mistakes, and unfortunately, many entrepreneurs try to use the big company approach, or hire consultants who coach them on these processes.

Big companies and new entrepreneurial ventures simply cannot afford the time, money or the potential failure. They all have one time at bat, and must deliver...or their venture will fail.

Our Approach Dramatically Improves Your Success
Our objective is to help everyone involved in developing new products or restaging existing brands create innovative ideas, avoid repeating mistakes and improve their success rate.

During our 40+ years of experience, Steve Kaye New Products, Inc. has developed a unique approach which has been used to create hundreds of successful products for Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial companies. We call it Warp Speed Development.™ When this approach is executed correctly, a company can hit Home Runs in half the time and at half the cost of the traditional approach. And improve their new product batting average dramatically.

The Secrets of Warp Speed Development™
  1. We have more new product experience than most companies and consultants. We have worked on over 100 product categories conducted over 4500 focus groups. We've done this since 1977.
  2. We've done focus groups on your business and understand your consumer.
  3. We have "restaged" the new product process by challenging and improving every technique, system and step that does not produce "Home Runs," that wastes time and money and increases the risk of failure.
  4. We question the "truths" of new product development which really are myths.
  5. And we change the way the new products organization works ... from the roles and skills of individuals, teams and top management to the ultimate decision-making process.
  6. We work with your organization as "player coach" and become a partner to the new product "Champion" with a passion that is critical to success.
  7. A thorough understanding of Why New Products Failas outlined below.