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Case Histories

Steve Kaye Case History HuggiesHuggies


Kimberly Clark had developed a new Disposable Diaper with elasticized legs. We were asked to name it and optimize its positioning.

Key Insights/Recommendation/History:

The key insight was that large Toddler Boys and Girls were leaking through existing disposable diapers and making a mess. The new Kimberly Clark diaper helped stop the leaking problem and this benefit could be related directly to the innovation...elasticized legs.

To communicate that the new diaper had a tight fit that doesn't leak, we created the name Huggies.

The positioning helped build the brand into the #1 diaper today, with a bigger business than disposable diaper pioneer, Pampers.

The original positioning statement is below. It is so clear, simple and internally consistent, we use it as a model for all new products and new businesses.

Original Positioning Statement

To Moms With Kids in Diapers                  Huggies
(Target Group)(Brand)
Is The Brand of Disposable Diaper
Frame of Reference
That Doesn't Leak
Key Benefit
Because It Has Elasticized Legs, For Better Fit
Primary Support for Not Leaking