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Case Histories

Steve Kaye Case History Fudge OreoFudge Covered Oreo


Nabisco's candy division (Planters/Life Savers) was upset that Mars had come out with a cookie candy bar (Twix), because Nabisco made much better cookies. We were hired to create a "Cookie Candy Bar" with one of Nabisco's best cookies.

Key Insights/Recommendations:

After working with virtually every cookie made by Nabisco globally, consumers felt a Chocolate covered Oreo was the best idea. We further refined the idea to enrobing a "Double Stuff" Oreo with real milk chocolate, which consumers liked better because they could taste the white stuff (confectionary crme) in the middle.

Our recommended marketing strategy was to package the chocolate covered Double Stuff like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (two to a package and sell it with the candy bars.)

For strategic and cost reasons, the company decided to market it as a cookie, using chocolate compound over a regular cookie. A companion product with white chocolate was added, later followed by a restaging of Mystic Mint into a mint covered Oreo. These products are on the market today, incredibly delicious confections.