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arrow Why Doing New Product Development Yourself is Very Risky

You wouldn't:
  • Have an operation without a skilled surgeon
  • Go to court without an expert lawyer
  • Go to an IRS audit without a CPA
  • Write your own advertising without professional writers and art direction
Why would you try to develop new products without a new product expert on your team? If you do, you risk becoming part of the 90% failure rate.

Business Week Outsourcing Innovation Business Week March 21, 2005 said "Procter & Gamble wants half of its new product ideas to be generated from outside by 2010, compared with 20% now." P&G has accomplished this objective successfully.

Our successful clients have us on their new product team as champion and "player coach." For some, we are the new product and "Innovation Agency."

We can improve your chances of success dramatically by creating better ideas and avoiding potential problems (see "Why New Products Fail.")