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Despite sophisticated processes and systems, over 90% of new products and services fail in the marketplace.

Be sure you are in the 10% that SUCCEED, by using
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THOMAS G. REYNOLDS, PH.D. Vice President, Innovation, Ubiquity Brands
"Thanks to great insights Steve draws from Focus Groups, plus his hands on experience, we have developed innovation strategies and 12 new products for Lincoln/Jays in a year and a half. They were well received because they fill consumer needs and are proven before we go to market. Steve Kaye New Products is our Innovation Agency and I would highly recommend them to everyone serious about new product success."

JEFF TRIPICIAN, Chief Marketing Officer, Niman Ranch, Inc., Formerly V.P. Marketing International Dairy Foods Association ("Milk Mustache" program)
"Steve, is the best new product guy in the country. His experience, creativity and unique Warp Speed Development™ process delivers home runs every time."

RICH POND, V.P. Global Marketing, Cadbury Adams
"Steve and his team get results quickly and cost effectively. They understand the critical links between concept, product and package and make efficient use of commercially available stimulus plus prototypes to aggressively march toward final solutions. His group helped us solve a restaging problem we had been struggling with for three years in three months."

TIM HEALY, Chairman, and CEO Ubiquity Brands, Formerly President, Select Beverages, V.P. Marketing, Nutrasweet, Marketing Director, General Foods
"Steve has the amazing ability to create and develop new product programs at 'Warp Speed' and at a fraction of the cost consumer packaged goods companies usually spend. Steve is one of the smartest marketing guys in the country."

MITCH WIENICK, President, Ameritech Consumer Services, Previously V.P, Kraft Foods
"Steve has the unique ability to get into consumers heads. Whether they are working on food, toys or telephones, they add value to the creation, development and marketing of new products."

TOM HERSKOVITS, President, Herskovits Enterprises, Formerly Group V.P. Kraft Foods
"Steve is an oxymoron, a creative P&G/ Harvard guy. His group is a marketing army who delivers, is fast and reasonable!"

STEVE MICHAELSON, V.P. Marketing, Wegmans, Rochester New York
"Steve, by himself, has more marketing talent than some companies. He is the best in the business at optimizing a rough idea into a new product success."

CARL ANDERSON, CEO ofABC School Supplies, Formerly V.P. Marketing, Fort James, Nestle and P&G
"Steve Kaye New Products' process is the fastest way I know to get good ideas. And Steve personally works on your business. Some consulting firms start with principals, and then the juniors appear."

GERRY REID, V.P. Marketing Tequila, Diageo, V.P. Marketing, Maxwell House, Kraft General Foods
"Steve is creative, prolific and smart and reasonably priced. He is a pragmatic guy who talks real consumer-talk and gets results."

RICHARD LASTER, Chairman, DNA Plant Technology, Formerly Executive V.P. General Foods
"Steve and his team have the unique ability to link technology with marketing. Very few consultants can do this. He is an M.I.T. graduate and knows how to work with technical people to get results."